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Black Hills Stock Show Foundation Scholarships


The non-profit Black Hills Stock Show Foundation is truly committed to preserving the legacy of the Western Way of Life and Investing in the Future.  In support of this commitment the Foundation provides three annual Scholarship Programs to the youth of our communities who intend to pursue careers, either in or in support of agriculture.  High school  seniors planning on continuing their education through university, college and or technical institutions are invited to apply.   

BHSSF Renewable Scholarship Program

This Program awards $2000 scholarships to high school graduating seniors residing in South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Nebraska committed to continuing their post-secondary education at an accredited university, college and or technical institution located in the five states referenced above.

Recipients of these $2000 scholarship awards meeting the eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply for the Foundation’s $2000 Renewable Scholarship Award (one-time only) which provides ongoing funding to students.

BHSSF/South Dakota High School Rodeo Association Scholarship Program

The Foundation elected to expand its scholarship program of recognizing young adults pursuing higher education in ag-related fields of study by coordinating with another organization providing a learning area for youth:  South Dakota High School Rodeo Association.

The SDHSRA was formed in 1949 and became a charter member of the National High School Rodeo Association in 1951. 

South Dakota has been a leader in the development of the national  high school rodeo program and continues to producer leaders who regardless of their place in winnings, are encouraged to learn and apply skills that are cornerstones to personal, academic and career development.

This Scholarship Program provides two (2) $1000 scholarships annually, one to a senior boy and one to a senior girl.

BHSSF/20X SDHSRA  Extreme Showcase Scholarship Program 

In 2003, the Foundation inaugurated another scholarship program, and together with the SDHSRA and Wrangler, co-sponsor scholarships awarded to the top senior contestants from the South Dakota High School Regional 20X  Extreme Showcase.  This program provides two ($1000) BHSSF Scholarships annually, one to a senior boy and one to a senior girl.  Produced by Sutton Rodeo, this event premiered at the 2003 Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo.


NOTE:  Recipients of a scholarship from any one of the BHSSF Scholarship Programs described above will not be eligible to receive additional scholarships from the BHSSF Scholarship Program.


The Foundation provides numerous scholarships, on an annual basis, through three (3) scholarship programs to graduating high school seniors from South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska.  All applicants must understand that scholarship benefits will only be disbursed directly to the post-secondary institution they attend, as a joint payee with the student, and must be endorsed by both parties.  The non-profit Black Hills Stock Show Foundation is truly committed to assisting students in achieving their goals in education and preserving the legacy of the “Western Way of Life”.  

      BHSSF $2000 (renewable) Scholarships 

(Completed Applications must be mailed to the Black Hills Stock Show Foundation AND postmarked no later than midnight December 15.  If date falls on Saturday/Sunday, the Friday immediately preceding.  Applications not postmarked by the deadline dates noted, will NOT be considered for scholarship awards.)   Applications are to be mailed to BHSSF Scholarship Committee, 444 Mt. Rushmore Rd. North, Rapid City, SD 57701

Applicants for these annual scholarships must be attending high schools within South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska and must plan to attend a post-secondary accredited institution, including technical institutes, in the five-state area.  These scholarships are to be utilized the first semester of the school year following the recipient’s high school graduation.

Recipients of BHSSF $2000 Scholarships are eligible to apply for the Foundation’s One-Year Renewable Award that provides ongoing funding, pending qualification.  Please refer to the cover letter of the application for details.

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Rapid City Chamber Ag


Ag & Natural Resources Scholarship Application



Sponsored by the Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce

Ag & Natural Resources Committee

2016 Black Hills Stock Show


Attention: Students Who Plan To Make Their Living

in an Ag & Natural Resources Related Field




Four (4) $1,000 Scholarships

 plus Two (2) $500 scholarships to Western Dakota Tech



The scholarships will provide for formal instruction in any South Dakota accredited university, college, technical school or other recognized program preparing young people for careers in ag and natural resources related fields.  Eligibility is limited to young men and women who were South Dakota high school students in the spring of 2016 or who will graduate from a South Dakota high school in the spring of 2017. Former scholarship winners are not eligible.


Finalists will be chosen for personal interviews with the judges Saturday, January 30, 2016

Starting at 8 a.m. in Rapid City.

Announcements of the winners will be made immediately following the personal interviews.




Forms must be filled out and printed in black ink or typewritten and returned along with 2 letters of

recommendation by Friday, January 8, 2016 to:




Ag & Natural Resources Scholarship

PO BOX 747


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Chamber Ag Scholarship Application

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