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Dr. Holl, Equine Chiropractor Seminar: Benefits of Animal Chiropractic

Date: Feb 02, 2019

Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Room 205

Equine chiropractic care is one of the most rapidly growing fields of healthcare for horses. This field of animal healthcare focuses on the preservation and health of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. Why? The nervous system controls everything that happens in your animals, and anything adversely affecting the nervous system will have detrimental effects that will resonate throughout the entire body. The nervous system coordinates the body’s ability to heal and regulate itself, and it relies predominantly on MOVEMENT of the joints of the spine and extremities. Trauma, overuse or even underuse can cause the joints of the spine to become fixated, resulting in compromise of the surrounding muscles, tendons and nerves. When nerves become irritated, this causes problems such as pain, lameness, abnormal posture, and uncoordinated and inconsistent gait.

Equine chiropractic centers around restoring movement to the spine in an effort to provide normal function and muscle tone. Chiropractic care frees the nervous system to communicate fully with all other systems in the body, allowing for increased vitality and health. Additionally, chiropractic treatment helps break down adhesive tissue and assists the nervous system in coordinating the body’s ability to heal and regulate itself, helping your animal perform at its highest potential.

Join Dr. Patricia Holl, licensed chiropractor, nationally and internationally certified animal chiropractor, for a workshop designed to educate about the benefits of animal chiropractic. Come learn how to recognize how changes in gait, reluctance to take a certain lead, ‘cinchiness’ and even lameness can be related to immobility in the spine, and how your animal will benefit from chiropractic care. Discover how simple chiropractic management can lead to improved performance and overall health and wellbeing.

Dr. Patricia Holl, Certified Animal Chiropractor
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