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Boehringer Ingelheim Commercial Heifer

Date: Feb 02, 2020
The Bohringer Ingelheim Commercial Heifer Show is a competition for commercial cattleman. The show judges 5 head of commercial replacement heifers under the merits of structural correctness, uniformity and confirmation for two minutes by a panel of three judges. All entries are commercial cattle representing all breeds and cross breeds of cattle. Cattle are not fitted nor washed. Pen's are divided by a light weight, medium weight and heavy weight divisions.

The total amount of prize money has increased to $5,000 for the champion pens at the Commercial Heifer Show.

In addition to the show, there will be a cattlemen's breakfast from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Bridger Steel Pavillion at the Central States Fairgrounds.

Commercial cattleman's day is the first Sunday of the Black Hills Stock Show, Commercial Cattleman's Day is a long tradition at the Black Hills Stock Show. In honor of the many cattleman that support the Black Hills Stock Show.

Show Schedule: Sunday, February 2
8 a.m-9 a.m..- Cattle Weigh-In
10 a.m.- Cattlemen's Breakfast
11 a.m.- Boehrigner-Ingelheim Commercial Heifer Show

Rules and Regulations for the Commercial Replacement Heifer Show
1. Entry Deadline: January 15, 2020 (entries available December 1st) — Priority will be given to Commercial Cattlemen. Entry Fee is $50 per pen. Entry Fee must accompany entry form to the Black Hills Stock Show Office.

2. Cattle will not be allowed to show or if washed, fitted or clipped. Cattle deemed fitted or clipped, by screening committee, WILL NOT participate in Show. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!


4. SHOW to be held on Sunday, February 2 at the CENTRAL STATES FAIRGROUNDS. Pens will be available on Saturday, January, 26 at 5:00 pm. All cattle must be in pens by 9:00 am. .

5. Pens of five (5) head will be subdivided into light weight, medium weight and heavy weight class. Cattle will be weighed at check-in and then penned for judging. Weights will be averaged. There will be no pens of ten.

6. Entries are limited.

7. A specific breed or crossbreed description is required for entry consideration.

8. Only 2019 born heifer calves will be accepted.

9. Entries must be home raised (born on the consignor’s ranch.) Branded heifers must be exhibited by the brand owner.

10. All heifers are required to have a certificate of veterinary inspection, vaccination for brucellosis, and presence of legible brucellosis tattoo dated no earlier than 30 days prior to the Show. Heath papers are required. If not, entries will be disqualified and removed from the premises immediately.

11. Pens will be evaluated by a panel of judges. Pens will be ranked and scored numerically by each judge. The scores will be totaled with show placing determined by the highest averages. Judges decision is final!

12. Registration papers will not be allowed.

13. The Black Hills Stock Show management reserves the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and to arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions of differences in regard hereto, or otherwise arising out of, or connected with or incident to, the Show.

14. The Black Hills Stock Show, the Management or anyone helping with the Show assumes no responsibility for accident or injury. The Black Hills Stock Show Management/Personnel will not be responsible for any injury or loss of any animal or accident thereby.
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Boehringer Ingelheim Commercial Heifer


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