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Stuart Hurd - Unique Metal Designs

Stuart Hurd

Since 1976, Stuart Hurd who is a self-taught metal sculptor, has made a living by selling his wall sculptures at juried art shows. Although he lives in Idaho,Stuart's roots are in South Dakota, where his father, grandfather, and great grandfather all farmed. The themes of his sculptures reflect his love of the farm, Native Americans and wildlife. What makes his sculptures unique in todays market; is that each piece is drawn, plasma cut, and reliefed by hand.
No computerized equipment is used in the creation of his art work. This makes even similar designs, individual in their own right. His chosen metals of steel, copper and brass, each have their own characteristics when combined with such techniques as relief grinding, burnishing and coloring. Using a combination of these different metals, and striving/or accuracy, with attention to detail; he creates a variety of sculpture designs. In 2003, he expanded his designs into the mixed media category, incorporating deer hides, buffalo skulls, wagon wheels and exotic leather hides into his sculptures. Stuart hopes to evoke a visual and emotional response in the viewer; while conveying his passion for his subjects.

Karen Hurd

Since 2008, Karen Hurd, a self-taught Leather Artist, has been working with cow & calf hides to create table runners, wall hangings and pillows. The hides used are out of Brazil. The original designs are drawn on paper, then the pattern is transferred to leather. The patchwork pieces are then cut precisely and sewn together on an industrial sewing machine. Five different hides are used in each table runner. The color and textures in the exotic hides are more diverse than what we see in hides in the U.S., thus creating these unique leather designs for the home.
As a husband & wife artistic team, they do collaborate on some designs, however; the final execution of each art work is individually their own, with the exception of their mixed media (leather & steel) designs. They both have incorporated some Native American motifs in their designs. however, they are both non-Native American.
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