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Horse Sale Pictures

Horse Sale Picture Hints

1. Photos are not required but may help sell your horse IF IT IS A GOOD PHOTO! Full color photos will be used at the discretion of the Horse Sale Committee but not guaranteed to be printed in the catalog.
   A. All photos submitted with consignments are at the risk and liability of the consignor. The Black Hills Stock Show shall not be liable for any copyright infringements.
   B. If a photo is submitted electronically or on a disc - it is not the responsibility of the committee to make sure it is compatible with our system. When in doubt send both disc/email and hard copy. Also, when submitting photos on a disc make sure it is a jpg or tif file and that the pictures are clearly marked with the horse’s name.
   C. Recommendations for submitting photos:
         1.Email: use jpg or tif format at least 300 dpi. Please call to ensure we received the photoes.
         2. Send original photo that we can scan.
         3. First impressions are everything, so only the highest quality, most flattering photos will be used.
         4. Professional Quality pictures of the sale horse are encouraged and may be used at the discretion of the
            Sale Committee.
         5. Helpful Hints: Horses can be saddled or at halter, but be mindful to have your horse standing square,
            with ears alert and forward. Try to stand your horse where the background is free of any object if
            possible. We will accept working shots of horses as well.

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