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General Rules

Horse Sale General Rules

2. All registration certificates must be in the consignor’s name by consignment deadline. THE BLACK HILLS STOCK SHOW® WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY DOUBLE TRANSFERS.
3. NO SUBSTITUTES. A $200 withdrawal fee will be charged for any horse that is pulled from the sale without a vet release. (this will be strictly enforced!!)
4. If there are multiple consignments please indicate which horse would be a priority consignment. Horse Sale
Committee will determine sale dates and catalog order for the consignments.
5. Check-in time is 11:00 am - 5:00 pm Thursday, January 24th. ALL HORSES consigned MUST report to the check-in station at the West end of the Event Center on the Fairgrounds where they will receive their in spection and hip numbers by the Screening Committee. At the time of check-in, all sale horses must present a health certificate, not more than 30 days old, and a negative Coggins test, not more than six months old. Health papers and Coggins will be given to purchasers. Horses will be screened by the Screening Committee for but not limited to thriftiness, soundness, disposition, and future usefulness. The Screening Committee will consist of at least three people.
6. It is MANDATORY that all consignors attend a meeting at 5:00 pm, Thursday, January 24 at the Event Center.
7. Horses rejected at screening will not be sold. The consignment fee will not be refunded. All blemishes must be noted on consignment form.
8. All mares that will be sold as bred must have a Vet Certificate issued within ten days of the sale stating that the mare has been checked and is with foal, otherwise the mare will be sold as open.
9. Stalls will be available on the Fairgrounds for sale consignments. The sale will be held in Rushmore Hall at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in downtown Rapid City. It is the responsibility of the consignor to have his or her consignment(s) present at the Civic Center at sale time and also to transport their consignment(s) back to the Fairgrounds if the buyer requests. Horses will be tied prior to sale at the Civic Center. Consignor must furnish feed, water and care for horses until the horse(s) are sold.
10. Final consignment numbers will be at the discretion of the BHSS Horse Sale Committee.
11. All horses consigned to the sale must enter the sale ring, unless screened, and must be sold to a buyer with check written and presented to the clerk for payment. If the animal does not enter the sale ring, a no sale fee will automatically be assessed against the animal plus any applicable fees.

12. All leg wrapping or any other wrapping must be removed prior to entering the Sale Ring.

13. No one will be allowed in the Sale Ring except ringmen and a bonafide seller for the horse.

14. NO SALES - All consigners that “No Sale” will be charged a flat fee of $200.

15. It is the obligation of the SELLER to notify the auctioneer of any “No Sale” before the horse leaves the Sale Ring.

16. Number system will be used. Buyers must obtain and sign terms of purchase agreement.

17. The Black Hills Stock Show® Management, Rushmore Plaza Civic Center or their Employees will not be responsible for any injury to or loss of any animal or accidents thereby or any injury or loss of life to any participants or spectators during the Stock Show.

18. The Black Hills Stock Show® Horse Sale Committee reserves the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions, or differences in regard thereto, or otherwise arising out of, or connected with, or incident to, the Sale.

19. Each consignor accepts the responsibility of guaranteeing his own horse(s) to be in sound, healthy condition and has the privilege of giving additional guarantee on his horse(s) at the time of their sale in the Sale Ring. The Black Hills Stock Show® Horse Sale Committee does not act as an agent for or represent either the buyer or seller but merely provides an environment for binding together buyer and seller for the purpose of sale transactions. If an adjustment needs to be made, it must be made between the purchaser and the consignor.

20. All consignors will be held to Terms & Conditions of Consignment whether or not you read and/or sign the contract.

21. If the nominated horse is not accepted for the sale, the entry fee and all related paperwork will be returned to the consignor.
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