2022 Dates: January 28-February 5
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BHSS Management

48. The Black Hills Stock Show General Halter rules will take precedence over Individual Breed rules.
49. The Black Hills Stock Show Management reserves the right to final and absolute decision regarding any issue involving the livestock show or sales. Final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and the right to settle and determine all matters, questions or differences in regard hereto, or otherwise arising out of, or connected with, or incident to, the Show and Sale shall be reserved to the Black Hills Stock Show Management.
50. The Black Hills Stock Show, the Management, the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, or anyone helping with the Show/Sale assumes no responsibility for accident or injury. The Black Hills Stock Show Management/Personnel or the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Management/Personnel will not be responsible for any injury or loss of any animal or accident thereby.
51. The Black Hills Stock Show is a member of the North American Livestock Show and Rodeo Managers Association.
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