2022 Dates: January 28-February 5
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Sale Rules and Regulations

Sale Rules and Regulaitons

37. All Animals offered for sale, will be sold without reservation to the highest bidder. A check to the Black Hills Stock Show shall be written for each animal that enters the sale ring. A minimum of 50% interest must sell on all animals sold. Possessions will be negotiated between buyer and seller.

38. Terms of every sale are cash with settlement to be made with the Sale Clerk at time of sale. CONSIGNORS AND/OR REPRESENTATIVES SHOULD BE PREPARED TO PAY THE TOTAL PRICE IN THE ABSENCE OF THE BUYER.

39. The Black Hills Stock Show will make checks payable to the registered brand holder of the animal.

40. All disputes as to bids will be settled from the auction block. After the sale, disputes will be settled by the Black Hills Stock Show Livestock Committee.

41. After an animal is sold, it will be led from the Sale Ring to its tie. Sold animals must be removed from the barn prior to 6 p.m. Stalling is available at the Central States Fairgrounds. Cattle will not be allowed out of the barn after 9 p.m. Consignors should make proper arrangements with buyers for care of the animals. Sold animals CANNOT be removed from the building until they receive a load out slip.

42. The Consignor is responsible for transferring registration of animal.

43. Each consignor accepts the responsibility of guaranteeing his own cattle to be in sound condition and have the privilege of giving additional guarantee on his cattle at the time of sale in the ring. The Black Hills Stock Show acts only as an agent for the consignors in the sale and does not assume any responsibility for the animal’s future usefulness. All guarantees are strictly between the buyer and seller.

44. The buyer will assume all risk on animals as soon as they are declared sold.

45. No consignor to the Black Hills Stock Show will be allowed in the Sale Ring as a Ringman.

46. Changes regarding information in the catalog will be announced from the Auctioneer’s Block and such announcements will take precedence.
47. Heifers will show first and sell last.
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