2022 Dates: January 28-February 5
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Show Rules and Regulations

Show Rules and Regulations

12. CHECK IN TIME for all animals is 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the BHSS Livestock Office in Rushmore Hall. All animals MUST be checked in the day prior to Show/Sale day.

13. ARRIVAL SCHEDULE: Livestock may be stalled in the barn no earlier then 5 pm two days prior to your respective Show/Sale day and no later than 11 a.m. on the day prior to Show/Sale day. (See Barn Arival Schedule in breed rules)

14. The following will be required for check-in no later than 11 a.m. on the day before the Show/Sale.

I. Registration or other acceptable certificate for each animal. Any animal without proper registration certificate will not be allowed to enter the Show/Sale ring.


*Please note—registration number MUST be provided on the entry form.

II. Current health certificate, see Health & Brand Requirement section for specific information that should be provided to your veterinarian. The Black Hills Stock Show® follows State Import Regulations. Questions pertaining to Health Certificates should be directed to the SD Animal Industry Board at 605-773-3321.

III. Brand Inspection (if applicable), see Health & Brand Requirement Section, see PDF


15. Following the entry deadline, the Black Hills Stock Show office will supply substitution sheets to be distributed at the Show/Sale for an additional charge of $35.

16. Bulls must be substituted for bulls and heifers substituted for heifers, owner for owner.

17. Any additional or updated information regarding animal entered will be at the expense of the consignor. Announcements will be made at the auction block.

Show Rules and Regulation

27. Screening of all animals will be done by a panel under the direction of the Black Hills Stock Show Livestock Committee. Screened animals will not be allowed to enter the sale ring and all entry fees will be forfeited. Screened animals must be immediately removed from the barn by the owner. Any animal not shown will be considered screened.

28. Cattle will be ear tagged with their lot number immediately following your breed’s consignor meeting. Consignors must be present in their tie area to assist with this process.

29. Cattle may be removed from the livestock barn for tie-outs after 6 p.m. NO cattle will be allowed out of the barns after 9 p.m.

30. Fitting chutes will be allowed in Rushmore Hall at $10 per chute. Upon check-in, tags will be issued and must be attached to the fitting chute. Fitting chutes must be tagged and set up along the North Wall.

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