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Stallion Row Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

1. The application fee is $500 and must accompany the application along with a PROFESSIONAL QUALITY PICTURE. Fee will be refunded if stallion is not accepted.
2. Please consider your stallion’s disposition prior to application. Stallions must tolerate large crowds for a 2 day period. Exercise time and space is very limited. Priority will be given to stallions with offspring on the ground.
3. Stalls will be assigned according to a lottery drawing.
4. Notification of acceptance or return of application will be made immediately following the selection process. Decision of the Selection Committee will be final.
5. Check-In: Thursday, January 30th from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm. Check out Saturday, February 1st, after 5:30 pm. STALLIONS MUST BE CHECKED INTO RUSHMORE HALL, AT THE RUSHMORE PLAZA CIVIC CENTER BY 8:00 PM THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 2019. STALLIONS MUST CHECK OUT OF RUSHMORE HALL SATURDAY. There will be a brief exhibitor meeting at 6:00 pm in the stall area on Thursday, January 30th. Stallion Row is open from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm on Friday and 10:00 am to 5:30 pm on Saturday.
6. In accordance with state transportation requirements, a Health Certificate issued within thirty (30) days of the event will be required. A Coggins Test is necessary on all horses from out of state.
7. A brand inspection is required for all exhibitors leaving the brand area. A brand inspector will be available for that purpose.
8. Initial bedding (shavings) will be provided. Straw is not allowed in the building. Stalls are 10’ x 10’. Electrical capability is very limited and not always available. Storage of hay in the Barn is NOT
9. Horses will be previewed in the sale ring prior to the horse sales on Friday, January 30th and Saturday, February 1st at 1:20 pm in the Crystalyx BioBarrel Sale Ring. The preview will also be viewed on the internet TBD.
10. The Black Hills Stock Show® Management, the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center or their employees or volunteers will not be responsible for any injury or loss of any animal or accidents thereby or any injury or loss of life to any participants or spectators during the Stock Show.
11. Stallion Row will be included in printed advertising and also in the Horse Sale Catalog.
12. Limited booth space will be available for Stallion Owners who are unable to bring their stallions. These “PROMOTION ONLY” booths are approximately 8’ x 10’. Fee will be $350 for the space and must show proof of insurance as well. Booths will be open the same time Stallion Row is. Please contact the BHSS Office at 605-355-3861 if you are interested in a Stallion Row Booth.
13. Stallions must be kept in stalls during trade show hours.
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