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2023 Chi-Influence Show and Sale

Date: Feb 03, 2023
The Chi-Influenced Show and Sale is Friday, February 3. The show starts at 11am and the sale follows the Limousin & Maine-Anjou Sales. The Chi-Influenced show will offer a dynamic selection of bred heifers and powerful bulls.

Chi-Influenced Breed Rules

1. Cattle may not show or sell without an application for registration.

2. All cattle that show and sell must be sired by a bull that is registered within his respective breed association or another recognized breed. In the event the sire is not registered in the ACA Herdbook, the dam is required to be registered with the ACA.

3. Cattle must be black, but may contain white color characteristics on the face/head and behind the navel.

4. Cattle must be polled or scurred, with heads not tampered.

Barn arrival: Wednesday, Feb 1 at 6PM
Breed Reps: Dwight Hossle, (605) 598-6751
Troy Beckett, (605) 853-3284

or (605) 204-0394

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