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Date: Jan 26 - Feb 02, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
What a treat! Some of the talented artists in the Pro Health Western Art Show have created something extra special this year as a way to give back!

The CHAIR-ITY auction proceeds benefit our youth livestock participants through scholarships and the Rainbow Bible Ranch (a youth camp in Meade County, SD where kids can enjoy riding horses, herding cattle and learning about a working cattle ranch).

  • Bids close at 6pm on Friday, February 2.
  • Winners MUST pick up their chairs with exact payment by 4pm on Saturday, February 3 or the item will go to the next highest bidder.
  • Payment is required at pick up.
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Virginia Coudron - Chair-Ity Auction Item

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“Calm waters”

While going through my reference photos I came across this photo of a pinto horse relaxing in the calm waters of the Cheyenne river. I wondered how many wild herds of horses have crossed that river in the past. This horse looks like he is reflecting his wild past while enjoying the calms waters of the river. Throughout the generations these herds of horses came of service to the Indigenous people. I decided to paint him with a medicine wheel tied to his mane to represent his circle of life and the four directions. Many times, I have found myself also relaxing on the shores of the Cheyenne river reflecting my own directions in life. I decided to paint him in oil on a round top tall stool for the
Chair-ity Auction.
- Artist Virginia Coudron

Congratulations to Jodee Shearer for taking home this chair!

Cristen J. Roghair - Chair-Ity Auction Item

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The photograph, created near Oacoma, SD:
From the Missouri Floor - Reeds
The year was a dry one, sucking up the precious Missouri waters.
So many depend on these waters for survival, both man and beast.
Yet, we can find beauty in the receding floor.
Textures in reeds fully exposed, old trees sculpted by the sun and water.
The devastation will have an end, for all is maintained by a caring God.
From the Missouri Floor - Reeds was created while on an anniversary drive with my husband. We explored GF&P trails near Oacoma, SD. The land and river were suffering from drought that year. The water levels were abnormally low.
I painted the chair a lovely shade of gray, collected rocks from the Missouri River shore near Pierre and harvested dried reeds from the mud surrounding one of our stock dams. I removed the old cushion from the chair and added a base. The photograph, rocks and reeds are encased in resin. A few of the rocks are above the surface, giving a look of water flowing over. Some of the resin has cascaded down the sides of the legs, also adding to the feel of flowing water.
- Artist Christen Joy

Congratulations to Rachel Sperlilng for taking home this chair!

Teri McTighe - Chair-Ity Auction Item

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“The Breed That Endures

My dad, Joe, was a Hereford man through-and-through. He believed in the breed and didn’t change direction with the changing winds when Herefords declined in popularity. And the years since have vindicated his decisions. Herefords do indeed endure, and have seen a resurgence in recent years. F1 black baldies are in demand, and you can’t make a baldy without the Herefords!
I have continued the lines my Dad spent his life building and improving. I love our purebreds for their durability, their resilience in extreme heat and cold, and you just can’t beat their docile temperaments. They are a breed that is standing the test of time. My chair, painted in acrylic, depicts our own home-raised mamas coming down a hill in the dead of winter, fat and thriving despite the harsh conditions.
- Artist Teri McTighe

Congratulations to Dustin Schmidt for taking home this chair!

David Dorsey - Chair-Ity Auction Item

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It’s always a challenge as an artist to put yourself out of the box and create in a different way. I am use to canvas and paper, and to paint and give a new life and purpose to an old chair is a whole new creative process. There is an element of excitement as well, you are never sure just what kind of a chair you will find!! I wanted this chair to be something that would be an item that anyone would be happy to have in their home. I tried to keep it simple yet unique. And of course, you can never go wrong with horses. They are more than just images, they are portraits of animals that are the backbone of our ranching heritage, and are an essential part of life here in the plains. They are necessary, and part of our lives. Each unique in their own way, this chair is a tribute to these amazing animals!!
- Artist David Dorsey

Congratulations to Cindy Bader for taking home this chair!

Kathy Sigle Art - Chair-Ity auction item

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I was looking for a chair but could not find what I liked and then I came upon this bench. That’s it! I envisioned doing a painting of “Mystique”. He is wild stallion with the Pine Nut band in western Nevada. They run on the Fish Springs Range just east of Gardenville.
- Artist Kathy Sigle

Congratulations to Muffa Keller for taking home this chair!

Bonnie Brahms - Chair-Ity Auction Item

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It’s the magic of Sylvan Lake area that has drawn me back so many times. To paint there is such a blessing, and I am thankful to be invited back as their guest artist in residence. The outstanding beauty of the place is what I want to share through painting images on this 1910 student desk.
- Artist Bonnie Brahms

Congratulations to Cindy Brader for taking home this chair!

Russ Duerksen - Chair-Ity Auction

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Children are very curious about the world around them and so are young fawns when they see new things such as the Monarch Butterfly. I felt this painting was appropriate for a child's rocking chair.
- Artist Russ Duerksen

Congratulations to Kris Kirchgasler for taking home this chair!
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