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Merck Stray Gathering

Date: Jan 27, 2024
Time: 7:00 PM


This event consists of 4-person teams. Each team will break into 2 pairs and start behind a time line. Two steers will be turned out at the opposite end of the arena. Time starts when the first team member crosses the time line. Each team pair MUST head and heel the two steers. Participants can only rope with their designated partner and can only rope once (you can not help your other teammates rope their steer).

You are allowed to help tie the steer once the other team pair gets the steer roped on both ends. Once you have headed and heeled your steer you have to tie the steer with any three legs. Once both steers have been tied they must stay tied for 6 seconds. Head ropes must be off in order to call time and no tying on. If either steer or both steers untie in the 6 seconds the team will be given a no time. There will be a 2 minute time limit to complete the gathering.

Live music @9pm in the Pendleton Party Zone!

Tristen Schofield & the Drive By Night

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