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2023 Limousin Show and Sale

Date: Feb 03, 2023
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The Limousin Show and Sale features Limousin purebred cattle and Lim-Flex Cattle. Limousin Cattle show and sell on Friday, February 3.

Limousin Breed Entry Rules

Eligibility Requirements; Limousin cattle with an orange registration certificate, must be a minimum of 75% Limousin for females and bulls. Lim-flex cattle with a purple registration certificate must be a minimum of 50% for females and bulls. All entries must be sired by a bull that is registered by the North American Limousin Foundation, Limousin and Lim-flex cattle will be shown together.

1. All yearling bulls must have minimum of 205 days adj. weaning weight of 550 pounds and an average daily gain of 2.6 pounds and a 365 day adj. weight of 1,000 pounds. There is a limit of 50 bulls in the sale.

2. Bulls must have been calved before April 15, 2021 and have a minimum 205 day adj. weight of 550 pounds. There is a maximum 105 pound birth weight rule for both sexes.

3. Open females calved from August 1, 2021 to April 15, 2021 must be guaranteed by the seller to be bred and to conceive a calf early enough to calve by or before the female is 32 months of age. Bred females born August 1, 2021 must be safe in calf to calve by or before 32 months of age and documented by a veterinarian certificate and guaranteed by the seller. All bred females must sell with specific breeding date or a pasture-exposed date not to exceed 45 days.

4. All cattle will sell under the standard guarantee endorsed by the North American Limousin Foundation.

5. No adhesive on legs.

6. EPD’s will be provided to the judge before the show.

Barn Arrival: Wednesday, Feb 1 at 6PM
Breed Reps: Chisum Peterson, (605) 730-4214

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