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Sheep Dog Trials are Monday January 29, 2024!

What is a Sheep Dog Trial?

As far as possible, the conditions and work to be encountered in everyday shepherding on the hills and farms are followed at sheepdog trials. The trials course is not intended as a succession of 'tricks' or gimmicky obstacles, but rather a practical demonstration of the skills the dog uses every day of his working life.

Those who need to look after sheep, sometimes on difficult country, need the help of one or more able sheepdogs. For many years dogs have been bred to develop the traits of intelligence, stamina and obedience.

During a sheepdog trial, dogs are guided through a series of commands to complete a variety of tasks which reflect their everyday work with a packet of sheep. Each handler will have a preference when giving their commands, either by voice, by whistle, or a combination of both. This has changed very little over the years, and the shepherds of yesterday would easily recognize the requirements of today’s handlers’ competition.

Many of the dogs seen on the trials field will have been at work on the farm, probably that very morning before setting off for the trial. It is true to say that the skills they acquire in their everyday work are key to them gaining maximum points. The system of scoring at trials is that a maximum number of points are allocated for each element, and dog and handler actually 'lose' points for any faults as they progress around the course.

2022 Results

1 Nancy Creel Rey 5 female 2.39
2 Tim Flint Quin 5 male 3.55
3 Jamie Spring Monster 3 male 4.30
4 Tammy Merriman Kat 9 female 4.30 no pen
5 Shannon Fritz Reed 7 male 4.30 no pen
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