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2024 Sheep Dog Trials Prelims

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What is a Sheep Dog Trial?

As far as possible, the conditions and work to be encountered in everyday shepherding on the hills and farms are followed at sheepdog trials. The trials course is not intended as a succession of 'tricks' or gimmicky obstacles, but rather a practical demonstration of the skills the dog uses every day of his working life.

Those who need to look after sheep, sometimes on difficult country, need the help of one or more able sheepdogs. For many years dogs have been bred to develop the traits of intelligence, stamina and obedience.

During a sheepdog trial, dogs are guided through a series of commands to complete a variety of tasks which reflect their everyday work with a packet of sheep. Each handler will have a preference when giving their commands, either by voice, by whistle, or a combination of both. This has changed very little over the years, and the shepherds of yesterday would easily recognize the requirements of today’s handlers’ competition.

Many of the dogs seen on the trials field will have been at work on the farm, probably that very morning before setting off for the trial. It is true to say that the skills they acquire in their everyday work are key to them gaining maximum points. The system of scoring at trials is that a maximum number of points are allocated for each element, and dog and handler actually 'lose' points for any faults as they progress around the course.


1. MANDATORY Handlers meeting at 9am (subject to change) at the Central States Fairgrounds Kjerstad Event Center.

2. Course will be explained at handlers meeting.

3. Entries limited to three dogs per handler with a total limit of 65 dogs. Additional dogs will be placed on a waiting list.

4. Entries and run order will be drawn on January 18, 2024. After January 15 refunds are granted only with a signed veterinary certificate.

5. Top 16 preliminary dogs will compete in the semi-finals with the top 10 returning for the finals.

6. Any handler may qualify three dogs in the semi-finals and three dogs in the finals. Top 10 combined times will advance to the finals.

7. At trial check-in, handlers receive entry for two adults and two children. Additional tickets are available for purchase at the door.

8. Handler and dog must be in marked box then signals ready.

9. Sheep are released from holding pen. Time begins when either the chute gate is closed or the Handler sends dog, whichever happens first.

10. Time stops when sheep are penned, and gate is closed.

11. Top 16 dogs with fastest times will run in semi-finals. TOP 10 DOGS with fastest COMBINED times will go into FINALS.

12. Run may be called off if time warrants.

13. Alternative times may be taken by clerks when sheep are at various points in the course for tie breaking purposes.

14. Maximum time allowed to complete course will be stated at Handler’s meeting.

Contestants may be disqualified for:

  • Failure to follow pattern with any or all sheep.
  • Handler leaves box before sheep completes figure eight around barrels.
  • Handler may help dog put sheep over bridge, but at no time touch the sheep.
  • Rope is attached to pen gate, once Handler has grasped rope they must Not intentionally let go until sheep have been penned.
  • Handler cannot touch sheep or use pen gate to push sheep into pen.
  • Judge may disqualify any dog for incompetent work.
  • No biting or puling wool (judge’s decision).


Handler Dog Name Age Sex
1 Cheryl Barker Boomer 8 M
2 Tammy Merriman Vik 7 M
3 Kelly Ferris Nan 6 F
4 Michelle Miller Josey 7 F
5 Dorrance Eikamp June 5 F
6 Jamie Spring Sid 2 M
7 Tim Naasz Emma 3 F
8 Nancy Creel Rey 7 F
9 Cindy Campbell Tux 3 M
10 Jeff Garman Sis 8 F
11 Blaine Morgan Storm 1 M
12 Mary Ann Warns Petra 5 F
13 Tom Conger Izzy 11 F
14 Barry Breemersch Yogi 3 M
15 Ronda Pletcher Levi 3 M
16 Wendy Auzqui Frank 10 M
17 Brian Biesemeier Stacy 5 M
18 Becky Combs Sadie 7 F
19 John Holman Meg 10 F
20 Linda Lulias Gill 4 M
21 Tanya Gifford Twist 8 F
22 Tim Gifford Duncan 10 M
23 Tim Naasz Lil 3 F
24 Blaine Morgan Gus 1 M
25 Linda Lulias Jessi 2 F
26 John Holman Moon 7 M
27 Cheryl Barker Lara 5 F
28 Tim Gifford PR Cheetah 7 F
29 Tom Conger Rufus 9 M
30 Becky Combs Kate 5 F
31 Brian Biesemeier Quinn 9 M
32 Wendy Auzqui Bo 5 M
33 Ronda Pletcher Newt 2 M
34 Barry Breemersch Ranger 1 M
35 Jamie Spring Monster 5 M
36 Dorrance Eikamp Flint 2 M
37 Tammy Merriman Peach 5 F
38 Mary Ann Warns Tweed 3 M
39 Tanya Gifford PR Brynn 4 F
40 John Holman Eli 3 M
41 Tim Naasz Harvey 4 M
42 Cheryl Barker Buddy 4 M
43 Ronda Pletcher Wick 7 M
44 Wendy Auzqui Jo 3 M
45 Tanya Gifford PR Z 2 M


Draw Order
Dog Name
1 Wendy Auzqui Bo
2 Wendy Auzqui Frank
3 John Holman Eli
4 Wendy Auzqui Jo
5 Tim Naasz Harvey
6 Tanya Gifford PR Brynn
7 Barry Breemersch Ranger
8 Jamie Spring Sid
9 Becky Combs Sadie
10 John Holman Meg
11 Linda Lulias Gill
12 Tim Gifford Duncan
13 Jamie Spring Monster
14 Tim Gifford PR Cheetah
15 Ronda Pletcher Wick
16 Cheryl Barker Lara
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