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Date: Jan 20 - Jan 25, 2024
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The BHSS Winter Spectacular NRCHA Show will showcase the skills of horse and rider in both reined work and cow work. The NRCHA Classes will run concurrently with the AQHA Working Cow Horse classes. Classes offered will be Open Bridle, Open Hackamore, Non Pro Bridle, Non Pro Hackamore, Non Pro Limited. $250 will be added to the Open Bridle and Open Hackamore and $200 added to the Non Pro Bridle and Non Pro Hackamore. There will be 100% payback on entry fees for the show.

Winter Spectacular NRCHA Show:

Classes Offered:

  1. Open Bridle $255 entry fee. $250 added money
  2. Non-Pro Bridle $230 entry fee. $200 added money
  3. Open Hackamore $230 entry fee. $250 added money
  4. Non Pro Hackamore $180 entry fee. $200 added money
  5. Youth Fence $120 entry fee.
  6. Non Pro Limited $230 entry fee. $100 added money
  7. Youth Limited $96 entry fee

• Classes run concurrently with AQHA Working Cow Horse Classes.

• If entered in AQHA Classes – cattle fee will be waived!

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