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Cristen Roghair - Cristen Joy Photography

Cristen J. Roghair is a wife, mother, photographer and rancher. She ranches alongside her husband in western SoDak were they also home-school their two kids.

Cristen has lived in several states in the mid-west but South Dakota is her favorite and has become home.

Photography has been a part of Cristen’s life for as long as she can remember; it’s the most enjoyable art form she knows for her to be able express what this landscape means to her.

For the past 6 years Cristen has built a landscape photography business. She sells her photographs of South Dakota at several art shows throughout the state, her website and galleries across South Dakota: Prairie Edge Fine Art Gallery in Rapid; Rehfeld’s Art & Framing in Sioux Fall and South Dakota State Art Museum in Brookings.

Cristen and her family are in the process of restoring a 1911 township school house on their Okaton ranch into an art gallery and art education space.

Artist Statement:

As a photographer, I observe and see the world around me. Through my lens I have discerned fathomless depths in shadows, penetrating brilliance in the sky and profound beauty in the wide open spaces. When I photograph, my senses come alive. There is a song in the wind, harmony in the waving prairie grasses and the grand percussion as the sun moves across the sky. The clouds are big and full of life, the storms so close you can reach out and feel the heat.

After living over half of my life on the prairie, I am at home with its peaceful and yet raging expanses. Photography allows me to express the beauty of the plains--this amazing and often overlooked landscape--which brings comfort to my soul. What a joy to know the One who created it and to share His beauty with others.

"Art is a reflection of God's creativity. An evidence that we are made in the image of God ." ~Francis Schaeffer

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